Tao Climate Extends Network in Africa and Asia


Tao Climate in Africa and Asia: Our global vision means building strong networks and alliances

Africa and Asia are critical to the success of any future-minded business. Tao Climate’s ambition is to deliver the world’s best quality, compliance-grade Carbon Credits to aviation, technology and consumer markets. We’re proud to have made a strong start in both markets, and each continent brings incredible opportunities to our business model.

Enrich in Africa and EU Horizon 2020

Enrich in Africa is an EU Horizon 2020-supported initiative, and Tao Climate is proud to participate in the Q4, 2023 programme. Africa and EU collaboration is an essential aspect of innovation support. The African Union and European Union have come together through a High-level Policy Dialogue group to work towards strengthening these relationships and securing impactful outcomes. ENRICH in Africa is supporting this group with its innovation agenda.

We’re embracing the opportunity to learn about doing business in Africa and, building our network of partner growers in multiple African countries. Tao’s sustainability value chain is digitally enabled, circular, and climate positive. We plan to deliver significant revenue opportunities to our African partners as we scale up our Hemp Carbon Credit inventory to meet demand. We’re also enabling Environmental Justice, and the construction of vast, sustainable infrastructure projects from the hemp carbon fibre our partners grow.

Asia is where hemp was first cultivated, so we’re bringing it back home

Tao Climate is delighted to join the Kambria Social Impact Innovation Alliance! This expands our partner ecosystem into Asia, leading with China, Vietnam, and South Korea, and opens new technology cooperation and market opportunities.

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Enrich in Africa

EU Horizon Europe

Kambria Network

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